Developer Portal off with a Crazy start!

On the first of October CrazyGames launched a public beta version of its developer portal. The goal was to increase and intensify cooperations with developers. Many new developers signed up for different reasons. In this blog, we’ll discuss the two main reasons and evaluate the first two months.

The launch of the developer portal has been a great success. During the first two months, more than 50 new developers signed up bringing the total active developers to 95. Together they uploaded 175 games and earned over 30K euro. We see that developers publish their games for two main reasons.

  1. CrazyGames reaches a really big audience and high-quality games get a lot of plays. Monetizing these plays can earn developers a substantial amount. Most successful games have intuitive interfaces, crisp visuals, and a great gameplay.
  2. Developers use CrazyGames to get an initial audience for their games and get audience feedback. They use this feedback to learn what works and what doesn’t so that they can improve the game.

High revenue during the first months

Most of the published games were eligible for revenue share. Over the past two months, developers earned about 30K with their games. November has always been an excellent month for advertisers due to events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But this year CPM’s where 23% higher than November 2017. The main reason for this is the continuous development of our Smart Advertising Layer.

CrazyGames worked hard to create an optimal setup for display advertising. We called this setup the Smart Advertising Layer. It enables competition between multiple of the world’s biggest advertising players like Google, Amazon, etc. Recently we also started a cooperation with two new video partners. This will increase the demand for video ads and therefore increase fill rates and revenues. We plan to implement the Smart Advertising Layer for video ads in the near future.

Whether developers can enjoy this last benefit depends on them. To request video ads in games, developers must implement the CrazyGames SDK. It’s only a little effort knowing that it can increase the revenue of a game by 70%! What’s more is that the SDK also includes a sidelock to prevent dubious sites from stealing the games.

Looking for an initial audience

Many of the developers use the services of CrazyGames in search for an initial audience. About 30% of the games are prototypes. Creating a web prototype and uploading it on CrazyGames provides developers with an immediate test of how the audience perceives the game. Every new game is given a trial of 48 hours on the homepage and therefore seen by 10 million CrazyGames users. After a few days, the ranking is purely based on performance parameters like plays/day, retention rate,… This is what makes our ranking system very different from others. CrazyGames doesn’t offer “pay-to-feature” options. We firmly believe only our players know best.

At the moment the developer portal offers some insights into the game statistics under the tap “game stats” like new players, playtime and total players. In 2019 we plan to include many other statistics that help developers improve their games and even give concrete tips on how to create better games.


The two main reasons developers upload games on the portal are first and foremost to use the CrazyGames monetization strategy. Other developers upload games to assemble audience feedback when testing ideas. The first two months have proven to be successful and with new features on the way in 2019, we hope to increase the value of the portal for our developers.